My cholesterol level is a 35 what should i do?

by zelda
(Columbus )


I'm 39 and my cholesterol level is a 35 what should i do? Need to know is that good or bad?


Thank you for your query.

You are reporting that your cholesterol level is a 35. Please take note that there are various numbers of cholesterol including:

1. Total cholesterol: normal range lower than 200 mg/dL

2. HDL cholesterol: higher than 50 mg/dL

3. LDL cholesterol: below 120 mg/dL

4. Triglycerides: lower than 150 mg/dL

However, all these numbers will depend on the:
- reference range of the lab where you got the test
- risk you have to develop heart disease.

For your information, such risk involves following factors:

1. Family members with heart disease

2. High blood pressure

3. Diabetes/prediabetes/metabolic disease

4. Being overweight/obese

5. Lack of physical activity

6. Following an unhealthy diet

7. Smoking

8. Age

9. High blood cholesterol

Taking all these into account, I need to have your full lipid profile testing first, and get it analyzed by myself.

In this way, I can give a more specific answer over the next steps to follow to improve your cholesterol numbers.

Hope it was of help!

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