Lowering Cholesterol Naturally:
How I Lowered my Cholesterol Naturally without Drugs

I have had the same problems that you would probably have with high cholesterol for many years & thought often about lowering cholesterol naturally. At one time my cholesterol was sky high - Total cholesterol was 251 (200 or below is considered normal).

That's why I researched everything up & down and discovered that there are certain ways that effectively lower cholesterol naturally without drugs. The results of this continuing research are in this website.

In here you will find hundreds and hundreds of pages of information about cholesterol & how to lower cholesterol naturally.Continue reading below and soon you will be on your way to lower cholesterol naturally.

I have full confidence that you will lower your cholesterol, if you read enough in this website and apply some of the methods outlined.

Well, if I did it, I know many others will be able to do it as well. And if you

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What Will You Find Here About Lowering Cholesterol Naturally?

1. Cholesterol Lowering Secrets Report

First of all, you can get the free Report for lowering cholesterol naturally by simply filling in the form on the right to download it.

2. The 2 Major Ways that Show How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally with Foods & Supplements

First by changing your lifestyle like watching your diet, food etc you will lower cholesterol. In this section you will learn what are high cholesterol foods to avoid, plus foods that lower cholesterol, which you can consume in abundance.

Secondly you can start lowering cholesterol naturally by using effective cholesterol supplements, like garlic, policossanol, gugul, plant sterols etc.

3. The Dangers of Cholesterol Drugs.

When I found out that I had high cholesterol, the first thing that came out of Doctor's mouth was drugs (Lipitor or Zocor not sure which). But I did not go on drugs, because I found that all the drugs had side effects. And I decided to find ways to lowering cholesterol naturally without side effects.

I've included dozens and dozens or articles on cholesterol drugs side effects especially the side effects of 2 top cholesterol drugs:

These side effects include muscle weakness, memory loss, liver disfunction, impotence, constipation etc.

4. Cholesterol & Heart.

When I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, my question was:

"So what? What does high cholesterol do? Why should I worry?"

I soon found out that high cholesterol leads to blockage of arteries which can result in heart attack or stroke. And I got scared S!@% to death.

My uncle had a stroke in 1991 and was bedridden until 2001, the year he passed away. For 10 years he could not move and he had to be attended for everything. So apart of being scared of death, I was even more scared of being bedridden and living hell alive.

That's when I seriously started to research and find out how to lower cholesterol naturally. What I found however, is that cholesterol is not the only culprit. I found that triglycerides, another type of fat are dangerous also.

5. Cholesterol & Triglycerides

While cholesterol is a fat that circulates in the blood, triglycerides transport the fat in the blood from one place to another. They are also the storage form of fat. Look around your belly and if you catch some belly fat, that's triglycerides.

Usually a high cholesterol level is accompanied with high triglycerides as well. And high triglycerides - just like high cholesterol - are considered as a risk factor in heart attacks. That's why you want to watch triglycerides as well. Usually when you do a blood test for lipids, it will also indicated triglyceride levels.

There are dozens of pages on that focus on lowering triglycerides naturally. For example I have outlined 8 ways for a low triglycerides diet, since a high fat diet is the main cause of high triglycerides.

So take charge of lowering cholesterol naturally - this website will provide all you need to know & do about lowering cholesterol naturally - and don't rely on your doctor alone. Decide yourself as to what are the best ways for reducing cholesterol naturally

To explore my website effectively, you can start on the left column by clicking on each button, based on your interest. Whenever you click any of the buttons on the left, you will find information about that topic, plus links to other pages that are related to that topic.

Below you will find 2 short sections about important cholesterol facts (you need to know this, and more importantly why need to lower cholesterol now.

    Cholesterol Facts.

I was shocked when I learned that 1 in 5 children in US have high cholesterol. And 50% of Americans have high cholesterol.

However that’s not all. The leading cause of heart disease and stroke is high cholesterol. And as a matter of fact heart disease is the number 1 cause of death and stroke number 3 (after cancer which is number 2).

If you have high cholesterol you still can get them back to normal levels. Just stick long enough in this website and then you’ll find at least one or two ways on how to lower cholesterol that will fit your lifestyle.

    Why you Need to Lower Your Cholesterol?

Right to the point. By lowering cholesterol you reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

A number of studies on the benefits of reducing cholesterol levels for those without heart disease have shown a 31 percent reduction in the risk of cardiovascular death and a 22 percent reduction in all causes of mortality.

For those with existing heart disease, the benefits of lowering cholesterol is a 30 percent reduction in total mortality, a 34 percent reduction in fatal and non-fatal heart attacks and a 37 percent reduction in the need for bypass surgery.

So by reducing cholesterol you reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Again, browse this site well, and you will find safe & natural ways to lower cholesterol

All the Best

Artin Vaqari

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