45 Years Old Diabetic Man with High Cholesterol Level!


QUESTION: I am diabetic patient having high cholesterol level. So tell me about my diet and food.

Some time I feel pain on my left hand, my blood sugar is 240 and cholesterol level is 253.

Please give me suggestion!

ANSWER: Hi Azhar,

Diabetes is usually associated with high cholesterol problems. That is why you are having both these problems.

The good news is that once you make the right changes to lower blood sugar, simultaneously, your cholesterol levels will be reduced too.

With regards to your blood sugar level, I would like to know if you are referring to random blood sugar or to fasting levels?

It is very important to measure your blood sugar in the morning (fasting glucose at home) and A1C levels (at a laboratory).

Based on these results, we can judge on your current diabetes control.

With regards your lipid profile, a cholesterol level of 253 is considered slightly elevated. Therefore, you must provide other lipid figures (such as HDL, LDL, triglycerides levels) to give a better opinion on your high cholesterol problems.

Now, the very first thing to do in improving your glucose and cholesterol numbers is to make TLC (therapeutic lifestyle changes).

In other words, you should implement good lifestyle changes (no smoking, no alcohol, no sedentary life, coping with stress) in your daily regime.

Meanwhile, diet changes are also very important to manage your health problems.

- Stay away from:

- high-sugary foods
- processed foods
- prepacked foods
- fatty foods
- fried (deeply fried) foods

- Consume more:

- fruits and vegetables
- steamed, baked foods
- herbs that can lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

You should work with a nurse or dietitian to prepare your own diet menu according to your body needs.

Hope it helped!

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