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Can you trust experts, doctors and their proofs? - Truths and Facts about Health E-zine - Issue #001
August 10, 2003

It is strange how things can be turned around sometimes. I was listening to the news in the radio while driving and I heard that there was a study done showing that eating pizza every day lowers the risk of cancer.

As soon as I heard it I said to myself: "Yeah, you're right. It lowers my foot." And the next question that immediately came to my mind was: "Who funded the study?"

And another one, few days later. Researchers have found that tinned foods contain the same amount of vitamins as fresh foods. It just does not make sense that eating a canned fish that might have been in the can for 2 years as compared to a fresh fish just catched in the morning is not the same. I do not need to have a PHD in nutrition to know that a better food is the fresh rather than the canned one.

I'm getting used and immune to all sorts of claims that I hear around and I read about. And the strange thing is that all these claims are made from people who supposedly have credentials and are experts in their field.

It's just as if you have in front of you a piece of paper that is white and the experts comes in, and after some hard talking concludes and makes you believe that what you see is not white but black.

I know this is far fetched but think of this fact. You and everybody know that eggs contain cholesterol. Plus there have been dozens of studies to prove that.

If you check you'll find a list of foods that contain cholesterol. And in that list you'll find that an egg contains almost 300 mg of cholesterol, which is the maximum amount of cholesterol you should consume in a day. In fact, eggs will increase blood cholesterol levels more effectively than pure cholesterol dissolved in oil.

However, the "experts" in five "scientific" studies have proved that eggs do not increase cholesterol levels. And by the way the five studies, just happened to be funded by the egg industry. That's why I asked myself the question on pizza lowering risk of cancer as to who funded the study.

The point I am trying to make is that for every decision you make that affects your health, rely as much on your common sense (which is so uncommon today), as on the so-called "scientific proof".

Under the right circumstances and with proper funding, scientists can "prove" anything they want. Medical libraries are rife with examples of "scientific studies" that have proved one premise only to be replaced by other studies that prove the opposite.

Again, we trust doctors with our life, but there are more than abundant cases of doctors being wrong. In one of the future issues I will provide facts and figures in regards to doctors' mistakes and whether their judgment can be trusted or not.

But getting back to more facts. We've been told that calcium is necessary for bones to prevent osteoporosis and that drinking milk and eating cheese and other dairy products is the "best" source to obtain calcium.

Now, pay attention to this well-documented fact, especially women who are eating dairy products to prevent osteoporosis: The countries of the world that consume the greatest amount of dairy products have the highest incidence of osteoporosis!

If anyone would like to dispute this fact, how about another common sense fact. The Chinese don't have a word for osteoporosis in their language! It simply isn't a problem for them. And how much dairy products do the Chinese people eat?

According to Dr. Tierry Brun, an agricultural and nutritional scientist from the National Institute of Health and Medical Research in France: "The Chinese consume no cow's milk or dairy products, yet they have among the lowest rates of osteoporosis in the world."

And this is a fact I can corroborate myself. I have lived in Malaysia for more than 10 years and 50 percent of population here is Chinese. Since I've eaten and know what Chinese cook, I have yet to find a Chinese dish, which contains any dairy product.

So, what's the point of all this. Well, question everything the "experts" say. Be it your doctor or anyone else. It's just that today (or has it been since the human race came into existence) what seems to be reality is in fact just the opposite of it.

It looks to me as if we are exactly in a "Matrix", just like in the movie, and we are led to believe that everything that's happening around us is real, but it is not. It needs a true awakening on each of us, to disperse the myths from reality.

That's why I rely very much on the common sense. Yes, I do listen to the experts opinion on health issues, but if it does not make sense I am not going to follow it. Or I'll follow it up to the part that I am convinced about it.

For example, I am more or less convinced that being vegetarian is a healthy way of life. There are facts and studies showing that vegetarians have less diseases and fall less often sick.

However, on the other hand I believe that God has created everything for a purpose. And we are to enjoy on God's creation and creatures. As such, I do eat meat, eggs, dairy products etc.

But at the same time, I believe that moderation is the key. If I eat meat, I do not eat it for every meal. Once in a while only. Plus I eat a lot of vegetables, salads etc. It just makes sense to me. If God has created something, why should I prohibited myself from enjoying it, unless God has forbidden it.

At the same time I need to say, that what I've written in this issue about "experts" opinion and common sense is up to you to evaluate and accept.

But I do not want to be just another guy giving you the same old stuff, you need to lower cholesterol, you need to exercise, you need to eat more vegetables etc. Those are things that more or less we know.

I try my best to bring you something that is unique, it is from me and you can't find it anywhere else. What you're going to receive in the future issues will be many times things that you will not agree on, maybe you will strongly object and will say that it is rubbish and nonsense.

However, I would kindly suggest that if that is the case, pause for a while and evaluate again. 100 or more years ago it was nonsense to fly, or go to the moon.

We just have to remember that what is true today, may very well not be true in the near future.

Keep an eye for the next issue of my newsletter. I'd suggest that you open a folder in your email software and store all the issues under that folder. It will be easy if in the future you want to refer again.

Wishing you all the best in your health.

Artin Vaqari

PS I'd welcome any feedback or questions you might have. Especially if you like what I'm writing here shoot me an email, saying how pleased you are with my newsletter, if you are of course :)

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