Are Peanuts High In Cholesterol?

QUESTION: I recently had a cardiac profile ldl and total cholesterol levels are higher than ever ..

I've been binging on a lot of peanuts ..Could that have caused my numbers to go up?

ANSWER: Hi there,

First of all, please remember that there are many factors contributing to high cholesterol levels when you get your lipid profile done, including:

- Your lifestyle habits. Being inactive, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc., are some of the most common factors contributing to high cholesterol.

- The diet strategy you are following. Eating foods high in fats (especially in saturated fats) and high in calories, would negatively influence your lipid profile results (as in your case).

- Next, certain medications could interfere with the cholesterol metabolism resulting to high cholesterol figures.

As you may see, all these factors can contribute to have high cholesterol readings.

Now, with regards to peanuts, let's see first their fat load according to USDA:

100 grams = 24.4 mg Monounsaturated Fats
= 15.5 mg Polyunsaturated Fats
= 6.8 mg Saturated Fats
= 0 mg Cholesterol

We are talking about all types of raw peanuts. As you may see, they contain 0 cholesterol load. Moreover, they are rich in good fats (mono + poly unsaturated ones).

On the other hand, they do also contain "bad" fats (saturated) in smaller quantities.

Now, if you use your common sense, the more peanuts you eat (especially those raw); the more good fats you get and less bad ones.

However, it is not discovered yet the effect of these saturated fats on our body although the high load in "good" fats.

So, at the end, it is not a good idea to rely only on peanuts to combat your high cholesterol problems or design your healthy menu.

If you choose other right foods, conduct a healthy lifestyle together with peanuts and other natural herbs; you can succeed in lowering your high cholesterol levels.

Hope it helped!

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