Can I get fat from eating avocado?

by Sofia

Avocado and  fat

Avocado and fat


I know that avocados have a lot of fat. Despite it being the "good fat", can I still gain weight from eating too much avocado?

Is it ok to eat avocado daily or will that cause me to gain kilos?

ANSWER: Hi Sofia,

There is a lot of debate regarding the potential weight gain caused by eating avocado. This is because of being rich in fats.

Here starts the contradiction. It is true that avocado is rich in facts; but what type of fats?

As you may probably know, there are 2 main types of fats: saturated and unsaturated fats.

The more unsaturated fat you get from food, the more heart-healthier your eating is as compared to saturated fats.

With regards to avocado, in general, it contains 160 calories if you cut it in half. In addition, you get only two grams of saturated fats when eating half an avocado and fifteen unsaturated fat.

So, as you may see, there is a big difference in types of fats you get when eating avocado and how they can interfere with your daily weight loss program.

To get scientific support, I was actually, searching for online papers regarding the avocado and weight loss program changes.

There is an article I found regarding the impact of during an energy-restricted diet, a study conducted by Pieterse of Potchefstroom Institute of Nutrition, South Africa.

The study participants were divided into two groups:

1. The first group were invited to take 200 gram of avocado daily, substituting 30 grams of mixed fats within the restricted diet;

2. The second group was invited to follow only the energy-restricted diet.

It was interesting the fact that those taking a supplementation of 200 grams of avocado daily did not have any changes in their weight, or lipid profile either.

So, as you may see, these study findings would partially answer your question although other studies and researchers are required to give an exact answer.

At the end, moderation is the key. If you combine eating avocado and other foods in moderation, being more active, etc. can give a hand in losing weight together with being heart-healthy.

All the best!

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