Carrots To Lower Cholesterol plus tea & aspirin!?

by Krinker

When I was recently prescribed cholesterol medicine at 214 total chol.

I took the medicine and only changed my diet to include:

- 2 carrots a day,
- one aspirin every morning and
- a cup of tea at night.

Three weeks later my cholesterol was 157 and I was symptomatic. I was told to stop taking the medicine until I could be checked at my next appointment.

I plan on using diet to increase good cholesterol/decrease bad cholesterol while reminding myself that too low total cholesterol is as dangerous as too high.

Watch Out low HDL (good) cholesterol!
by: Editor of all about lowering cholesteorl

You mention that low cholesterol is as bad as high cholesterol.

You are partially right - if you have Low HDL (good) cholesterol and high LDL (bad) cholesterol then it's true that it's dangerous.

However if you have High HDL (good) cholesterol and Low LDL (bad) cholesterol then you are doing fine.

So the lesson is that we need to increase the HDL (good) cholesterol and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol.

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