Change of Diet and accepting less tasty but Cholesterol reducing

by Arindam
(London - UK)


I am currently 70 yrs young, live in London UK. I turned singular 20 yrs ago and had been extremely lucky to get away by thinking that this body would take all the punishment (Diet) you could dish out.

Most people take me for 20+ yrs younger in appearance, despite a diet of endless processed foods.

I have always refuted and defied numeric age. In my defence, I always ran (Ran + walk) 3-4 miles everyday, until 3 yrs ago when running on a Himalayan road, my left cartilage begged for overdue retirement.

I returned to London after 4 yrs and a silly nurse put me on Statin (On a Cholestrol reading of 5.3!!) - my consumption of pills (Any) have been almost zero all my life.

The horrendous side effects were dizziness and after just 1 week I stopped taking these awful Statin tablets.

I vowed to alter my diet and do whatever I needed to by altering / introducing my food habits even if it killed me.

Whereas previously my breakfast consisted of a mug of tea + 2 biscuits, I have taken heed and now forced myself to have oats, nuts (Almonds, Walnuts, Green Sultanas etc) with yoghurts.

Lunch has always been (35+ yrs) 1 sandwich (Wholemeal) with cucumber / tomato & 1 apple.

I have afternoon tea with a piece of Dutch Almond Fingers (My weakness).

Dinner (My main meal) I have replaced processed foods with Cous Cous, veg and Omega 3 fish and concoct a teaspoon each of Turmeric and Cinnamon).
I follow this with a banana + 1
yoghurt (Have been for 40 yrs?).

In the last 4 months I have introduced 2 small pieces of Dark Chocolate (Previously almost negligible all my life).

My snacks are minimal -the odd Rye cracker. I am slightly partial to a small sausage roll mid morning with coffee.

I do still walk as briskly as possible ( Given up driving). I do feel it a chore to cook for myself, although think nothing of it if I entertain people.

I drink only red wine and only in congenial company, say once in 3-4 months. Gave up smoking 12 years ago.

Please advise what else can I do (Most interested in Cholesterol reducing food veg etc?

I definitely want to treat the non-pharma route. I do have, (lived with 20 yrs since divorce) bad sleep disorder.

Read / do crossword / use the Net to tire myself to sleep again but rarely past 8am. Have 1/2 hr afternoon nap if at home.

REPLY: Hi Arindam,

As I can see from the data provided by you, if your cholesterol numbers are fine, you are doing fine.

The only problem is related to your sleep disorders, which are normal for your actual age (70 yrs Young:).

Chamomile tea is very good, especially if taken in the evening, before bedtime to relax and get some sleep naturally.

However, the nap you are taking in the afternoon can interfere with your night sleep. So, try to have nap before 3 p.m.

I do congratulate for your strong willing and the great experience you are sharing with us.

Hope you will continue like this.

All the best!

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