Cholesterol diets and flaxseed

by Barb Roth
(Tacoma WA)

My original readings were Cholesterol 246, Triglycerides 197, LDL 160, and HDL 49.

Six months later 7/08 after taking Red rice yeast and flax seed oil (plus Co-Q-10, and fish oil) my readings were Cholesterol 166, Triglycerides 114, LDL 94, and HDL 49.

I just visited the doctor in December and my readings were then- Cholesterol 200, Triglycerides 95, LDL 146 and HDL 44.

December 19 being right in the middle of the holiday season when my eating habits are naughty to say the least could have been one explanation or was it lab error? I hope it was just what I was eating.

Now, I just found out you shouldn't eat grapefruit while taking red rice yeast. No one told me! I usually eat two a day in the winter.

I understand it intensifies the effects and can cause liver damage. Geez! I am totally depressed to give up my grapefruit!

So, now I am left to wonder which is more responsible for Cholesterol going down.

Better dietary choices or the red rice yeast and flaxseed oil?

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