Cholesterol Levels & blood sugar test report

by arasu
(chennai, tamil nadu, india)

thanigai arasu

thanigai arasu

I am 40 yrs old Indian, I have cigarette habit only small level of alcohol drinker.

Recently i had my left hand and chest pain and visit Dr.

My test report are below:

blood sugar faster 140mg
blood sugar (pp) 260 mg (after heavy indian breakfast)

total cholsterol 245 mg
hdl 43
ldl 129
vldl 73
triclycerides 365
ration 5.7

My dr. gave me only cholesterol control pills but I still i have pain in my left hand and slight in heart (he diagnosed and told heart pain is based on massless pain)

I like to take my total control by natural way after i get medicated and get normal level

Need suggestions..

Comments for Cholesterol Levels & blood sugar test report

by Naveen

Exercise daily, at least 5 days a week.

Cut down at least 100 calories in a day.

Eat idly, oats, fruits, and any juice in the morning, straight away as you are cutting off calories in a 1 meal.

Avoid, eating non-veg for dinner and AVOID smoking!

Cinnamon to Lower Cholesterol!?
by: Anonymous

It also appears you have high blood sugar problem as well. One way I believe kill two birds with one stone is a CINNAMON supplement.

Cinnamon has helped me keep my blood sugar regulated and I believe it has also helped with the lowering of cholesterol.

Since taking this cinnamon supplement, with a few other lifestyle changes, I have not had one blood test or cholesterol test come back abnormal. I think its worth a shot.

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