cholesterol supplements evidence

by john paul nicholl
(Dorset , UK)

I find most of your tips to be very interesting and am still digesting all the info which you have provided.

I feel that I was somewhat bounced into taking statins by my GP, based on my being 65 years old and family history all within the targeting strategy adopted by the National Health Department in this country.

However I am very wary of making the necessary commitment to stop taking them, because of other influences, eg. my brother-in-law is a doctor with high cholestral himself, who is committed to taking statins, although he is 10 years younger than me.

I would be very interested if there is strong evidence to encourage me to take what appears to be such a drastic step.


John Nicholl


The issue with statins is that some people may tolerate them.

For supplements the issue is not with the evidence - there's lot's of evidence. Check cholesterol supplements list which will guide you thru a list of supplements/ingredients that have studies showing their efficacy.

However in your case the only thing you may do is to slowly move away from statins. This means that when you reduce the dosage of statins take a small dosage of supplement. Then check your cholesterol levels.

If they're OK (which they should be), then reduce even further. If your doctor can't reduce, simply cut the pill into half.

Once you show your results then only you'll be able to convince 'non believers'.

Katie Moore

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