Below are some testimonials of people who visiting www.all-about-lowering cholesterol website. These are all unsolicited testimonials.

"Hello there...normally I wouldn't contact a site like this. but I was very impressed with your knowledge of the natural approach to lowering cholesterol. I will be using the information you've provided, and I will be a success!"


S. Borrego :)

"The information comprised is very valuable, especially for people like me trying to live healthy and having been diagnosed with high trygliceride levels. I congratulate you and hope that this letters stimulates you to continue your contribution on behalf of those like me in the search of a healthier living."


"Great site.....well organized...! I have told several people about it and they liked it too... epecially to read about synptoms and problems shared by others.

Keep up the good work"

D. Willis

Houston, Texas

"I am really enjoying your informative web site!

In a recent blood test I was found to have elevated cholesterol. My older sister just found hers is really high and they want her to take medication that has horrible side effects. I am exploring your site in the hopes that I can convince her to go "natural"

I have printed out a few of your pages and plan to spend my lunch hour at "Wild Oats" grocery...buying fresh fruits and veggies and Oat cereal. ...

We both have a weakness for sweets....chocolate, pie, cake, cookies.

When I found your site today I felt I made a 'breakthrough'.

Thank You"


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