Cholesterol & Thyroid Problems


Kindly give information how cholesterol and thyroid are inter related.I have been taking 100mcg eltroxin for the past 8 years. For the last 1-2 years, blood tests show high cholesterol. I do exercises regularly. Kindly advise.


ANSWER: Hi Tresamma,

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Before giving answers to your question, I would ask to kindly have some data of yours:

- Your age

- What is your current lipid profile. In other words, do you have high total cholesterol or only high triglycerides or high LDL levels? What about your HDL?

Actually, these are data provided in your test results.

- Any other health problems you might have including diabetes, menopause?

All these data are necessary to give a correct judgement on why your lipid profile has changed recently.

Anyway, I would say that Eltroxin is a drug used when thyroid function is low (thyroid does not properly produce its natural hormone).

The most common reported side effects of Eltroxin include those of gastrointestinal tract, irritability, hypersensitivity to heat, menstrual cycle disorders, etc.

With regards to lipid profile changes; usually, hypothyroidism (as in your case) is often associated with high cholesterol levels.

So, I think you could have had high cholesterol levels even when you start Eltroxin. Perhaps, at that time, you and your doctor were mostly focused on thyroid problems, putting aside high cholesterol concerns.

Therefore, you can talk to your doctor whether the treatment you are taking (Eltroxin) can also optimize your lipid profile too.

At the end, you can start following the right dietary regimen together with a healthy lifestyle and uses of special herbs to improve your lipid profile without harming thyroid.

Hope it helped!

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