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Thank you Not rated yet
The tips are great. You have broken many of the myths I had about cholesterol. It has led me to have clearer ideas about how to control it. Thank you

Ramesh Malhotra. Not rated yet
The weekly tips offered by you act as a good reminder to healthy living. Even if some things are already known to me, it is always good to be reminded …

Feedback on Weekly Tips Not rated yet
Hi I really do find these daily tips very useful thank you Feedback on Weekly Tips by Carol Maxwell Western Australia Hello, I would …

Cholesterol & Thyroid Problems Not rated yet
QUESTION : THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE VALUABLE INFORMATION. MAY GOD BLESS YOU. Kindly give information how cholesterol and thyroid are inter related.I …

cholesterol supplements evidence Not rated yet
I find most of your tips to be very interesting and am still digesting all the info which you have provided. I feel that I was somewhat bounced into …

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