2 Rules For A Diet For Lowering Cholesterol!

diet for lowering cholesterol

If you have got confused about what the diet for lowering cholesterol, you're not alone. But in this article we'll simplify this for you. HOW?

There are 2 main principles that you need to follow regarding your diet and lowering cholesterol. Once your understand the 2 main principles, it's really simple. Pay good attention to the following paragraphs, for they will bring a change in the way you think about food.

And best of all. You don't have to have a special diet for lowering cholesterol naturally. You'll have only 2 rules to remember. If you follow them, there's no need to really diet, ever again.

Earth, Water & Diet

Let's start by saying that if you were on the moon, you'd see that 71 percent of the Earth's surface is water. The other 29 percent is land. If you go deeper into the planet you will find that our bodies are 70 percent water, at least!

I know it's hard to believe, because you cannot see any, nor could you hear it in movement. But 70 percent of our body is indeed made up of water.

Now let's ask a common sense question: If Earth is 70 percent water, and depends upon that amount of water for its survival, and your body is 70 percent water does it not make sense that for you to maintain a body that is always in its best condition, you must consume a diet that is at least 70 percent water? You must have water for survival.

However, I am not talking about drinking water. I'm talking about high water content food. And what is that high water content food?

Rule 1 for a Low Cholesterol Diet - Eat 70% Watery Foods

The high water content foods are two only: fruits and vegetables. What I am saying is that since our bodies are 70 percent water, we should be eating a diet that is approximately 70 percent water content, and that means fruits and vegetables should predominate in our diets.

Now guess what? All high water content foods i.e. fruits and vegetables arecholesterol free foods and when you consume them you're assured of cholesterol free diets.

Rule 2 for a Low Cholesterol Diet - Eat 30% Solid Foods

The other 30 percent will consist of the concentrated or solid foods: breads, grains, meat, dairy products etc.

The solid or concentrated foods, the 30 percent consisting of breads, grains, meat etc are mostly (although not all) foods high in cholesterol. As a result, when eating such foods, you're not consuming foods that are categorized as diet for lowering cholesterol.

The video below explains these 2 rules in a simple way also.

Predatory Animals & the Diet for Lowering Cholesterol!

Probably, you might still be skeptical of the 70 and 30 percent rule of our food. Probably you might be thinking of lions, tigers, wolves etc who only eat meat and in a sense defy the 70 : 30 percent food rule.

If you've ever had the opportunity to see a lion take down a zebra, you will have noticed that the lion will rip open the underside of its prey, open its belly up, and go straight in and eat the intestines.

Why is it that when the lion takes down the zebra, it goes straight for the intestines? Because, by and large, carnivorous animals don't eat other carnivorous animals. Think about it: lions don't eat tigers.

Bears don't eat wolves (unless of course there's nothing else left to eat). Carnivorous animals eat animals that are plant and fruit eaters, because that is what all animals need.

They have to have food from the plant kingdom. Either an animal will take its food directly from the plant kingdom, or it will eat animals that are eating that food.

The reason a lion will go straight to the intestines is that there it finds the predigested high water content food. Then it will eat all the organs, because they have a very high water content.

Then it will lap up the blood, because the blood is over 90 percent water! In other words, it goes from the inside to the outside. What is left at last is the muscle meat.

Foods for a Low Cholesterol Diet

While you may find a recommended low cholesterol diet, it's always best to make it as easy to remember as possible. To always be on the safe side and consume a diet for lowering cholesterol, remember the only 2 rules about a low cholesterol diet:

  • Vegetables and fruits do not contain cholesterol and fats, i.e. they are low cholesterol foods to consume.

When you chose your food have two thirds from the high water content foods and only one third from the solid foods. By following this type of "diet for lowering cholesterol" you will lower your cholesterol.

Many of our readers have written to us and explained that by adjusting their diet they managed to reduce cholesterol naturally.

All the Best

Artin Vaqari
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