Eat lots of fruits and vegetables - have inherited my high cholesterol

by Bill
(The Villages, Florida)

My problem is my family.

I am not overweight, I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, small portions of meat, (mostly chicken or fish), and I exercise everyday.

My problem is that I seem to have inherited my high cholesterol.

Do the suggestions above work when it's a family issue?


Hello dear Bill

As we understand by your letter, you have familiar- hypercholesterolemia issues. Despite your healthy life, you seem to have increased cholesterol numbers.

In order to make a more accurate analysis of your state, we need to know your cholesterol numbers. Please send them in, if possible.

Meanwhile, we are giving you general advice about how to keep your cholesterol levels within the normal ranges, despite your genetic predisposition to developing hypercholesterolemia.

We encourage you to continue the lifestyle changes you are already doing ( eating fruits and vegetables, exercising, eating small portions of chicken meat and fish)

In addition to this actions, please find the following tips about how to naturally keep cholesterol levels under control:

Diet is one of the most effective lifestyle changes which work best in lowering your cholesterol levels.

a. Eat healthier fats-choose monounsaturated fats (found in olive, peanut, canola oils etc) instead of saturated fats and trans fats. They increase your LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol.

The consumption of this fats should be no more than 7 % of your daily calories. Also, almonds and walnuts are sources of healthy fats.

b. Eliminate trans fats- Trans fats are bad for your health, especially if having a genetic predisposition to developing high cholesterol levels.

Not only do they increase LDL levels, but also decrease
HLD levels (the good cholesterol.) Trans fats are commonly found in every commercially baked cookies, snacks etc.

c. Limit your daily cholesterol intake- aim for no more than 300 mg cholesterol a day. The products containing high amounts of cholesterol are egg yolk, meat, milk and milk products. Careful when taking them.

d. Eat whole grain- Some nutrients found in whole grains promote heart health. Try eating whole-grain bread, whole-wheat pasta etc.

e. Eat fiber-rich foods- Increase fruit and vegetable intake. They are rich in fiber and help in decreasing your cholesterol levels.

f. Eat products containing omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring etc. Omega-3 fatty acid lowers cholesterol levels.

2. Exercise

Exercising is very good for your health. Not only does it decrease LDL- levels, but also increases HDL-cholesterol, improves blood circulation and fights anxiety.

Exercise for at least 45-60 min a day. Try riding your bicycle at work, running in the morning, taking swimming laps, playing a sport etc.

3.Quitting smoking

If a smoker, quitting smoking is a must. Quitting improves your HLD levels, your blood circulation, stabilizes your blood pressure etc. The benefits of quitting smoking are numerous.

4.Do no drink alcohol.

Although moderated amounts of alcohol are related to an increase in HLD cholesterol, its benefits are not strong enough to recommend drinking alcohol for people who do not drink it already.
My advice is to quit drinking alcohol If having a hobbit of drinking large amounts of it daily.

If this lifestyle changes do not help in lowering your cholesterol levels, you should consider talking to your doctor, in order to start cholesterol-lowering drug therapy.

Dr Albana

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