Extremely high Triglycerides 1619

by Nishi


I am 34, 5.2 tall, 139 weight.
I got my report today and Triglycerides is 1619, HDL 40. I did a test 6 months ago at that time Tri is 440, HDL 46.
I am soo worried, they have also repeated the test to make sure this is correct.

Is it possible to increase Triglycerides level in 6 months like that?
I had a heavy dinner the day before of the test, but I have fasted for 8 hours. could that be the reason.

I am soo worried, please help me with any suggestions in lowering the levels.


Hello dear Sir,

As your doctor might have also told you, your triglyceride number is significantly high. It would be best if you would have also send your total cholesterol number for a more accurate answer, so please send them in, if possible.

This is due to the fact that such an increased level of triglycerides( normal triglycerides are under 150mg/dl and your results are approximately 11 times higher) would be certainly associated with increased levels of total cholesterol.

As we do not have your LDL and total cholesterol numbers, we will give you a general answer based on the information we have.

The explanations to such increased levels of triglycerides may be as following:

1.A laboratory error- It would be prudent to remake the analysis if such numbers are concluded. You have already done this.

2. A non-appropriate fasting time- prior to making the analysis you should be fasting for 9 to 14 hours. 8 hours might not be enough to get reliable triglyceride numbers, more so after a very heavy dinner.
Triglycerides vary dramatically after eating a meal, and can be 5 to 10 times higher than fasting levels.

3.Medications can also interfere with the results if you are on any medications, such as beta-blockers, steroid hormones, immune-suppressants etc.

4.Inherited hypertriglyceridemia- Hypertriglyceridemia might also run in the family. Having a close blood –relative suffering from the same condition is a strong indicator that you
might suffer from this condition.

5.Other diseases- diseases like hyperthyroidism, kidney failure, liver failure etc. may cause increased levels of triglycerides.

Even if the lab results shows that it is been an error with your analysis, your prior number (440 mg/dl) strongly suggests that you should start treatment as soon as possible.

This number is associated not only with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, but levels of triglycerides over 1000 are associated with high risk of developing acute pancreatitis.

You should start immediately lifestyle changes, which include a change in the diet and exercising.

Dietary changes should be as following:

1. Avoid as much as possible saturated fats and trans fats this fat are most commonly found in every fast-food product, in commercially baked goods, in nearly every packed foods, red meat, butter, cheese, milk etc. Try to use more products with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats (sunflowers, corn, olive oil, canola, soybean oil etc).

2. Limit your sugar intake- Reduce your sugar intake up to 20% of your daily calories. This will reduce your triglycerides up to 10%.

3. Take more foods containing Omega-3 fatty acid- it is commonly found in tunas, salmons, herrings, sardines, trouts. Eat this kind of fish once or twice a week.

4. Increase the intake of foods rich with fiber- all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

5. Do not drink alcohol or do not smoke.

6. Limit your cholesterol and triglyceride intake to 200 mg or less.

7. Supplements like garlic and green tea can lower triglyceride levels.


-You will have to exercise 60 minutes per day. You should consider running every morning, riding the bicycle to the work, taking swimming laps, maybe even going to the gym.

Having triglyceride numbers that classify as high, has the indication of using triglyceride-lowering drugs like statins, fibrates etc. You should talk to your doctor about the drug therapy.

It is recommended that you should have your lipid profile checked every three months to follow up the changes in your numbers.

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