Feedback on Weekly Tips

Hi I really do find these daily tips very useful

thank you

Feedback on Weekly Tips

by Carol Maxwell
Western Australia


I would like to say that the weekly tips are helping me to 'stay on track' whilst learning to keep my cholesterol levels under control.

Keep them coming, they are inspirational and note worthy.

Weekly tips

by Kay
Cantonment, FL

The weekly tips are helpful. I have added niacin to my diet. I will find out in September if my numbers are down.

By anthonypicnics thorny

really enjoying the report very useful I am taking Lipitor it's making me think very good tipps thank you

Sandra Shell,RN,Clinical Advisor for Humana

by Sandra Shell

You website and weekly tips have been amazing.I took a Statin drug about 3yrs ago and my Cholesterol dropped to 141,but oh my the SIDE EFFECTS!I stopped taking it,with my doctors blessing thinking I could keep it down with diet and exercise.Well,my doctors visit this time was a wake up call.Cholesterol was 231!!! Not wanting to go back on Statins again I began researching on line and found your website.Have been on Choleslo now for 3 wks and feeling great!Cant wait to see how my Cholesterol is when I have it rechecked in 6mo.One of the biggest surprises I found out from your weekly tips was that Soy was not that good for me after all! Keep up the good work.


Nutrition Student

by Mary

Hi Katie,

I do find the tips great. As I am currently studying Nutriton I do find it very helpful. Keep up the good work
Kind Regards,

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