Info about fenofibrate side effects

fenofibrate side effects

There exist fenofibrate side effects as for any other medicines. Most of the people taking fenofibrate, can tolerate it.

According to an previous research studies, up to 5 percent of people taking fenofibrate stopped their medicine because of side effects.

Although it’s a low figure, remains the fact of many potential fenofibrate side effects. Below I’ll show you the most probable and the most common side effects.

Minor side effects Major side effects Common side effects Rare side effects Mild headache

- Allergic reactions

- Chest congestion

- Unusual muscle pain

- Unusual muscle pain

- Abdominal pain,

As you may see from the table above, generally the fenofibrate side effects are minor.

But there exist some side effects such as unusual muscle pain which is a serious muscle-related muscle, especially when associated with a fever-like tiredness.

There is another fenofibrate side effects group called common side effects which are studied thoroughly in many clinical trials.

I’m telling you that because these side effects were reported in 2 percent of people taking fenofibrate compared to similar group of people who were not taking the medicine.

Monitoring liver enzymes and liver function plays an important role in the decision to stop taking this drug.

If your liver function is altered and your liver enzymes are too high, immediately stop taking it.

In this case, the medicine damages your body more than doing it rigt.

If despite fenofirbrate side effects, you still need it, then check out the Drug Company website to buy Fenofibrate.

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