Hair fall,itching,excessive dandruff,scales,total cholesterol 228;LDL 171

by Adarsh Verma


Actually I'm suffering from skin disease (hairfall, itching, excessive dandruff, scales etc. ). I had consulted from a dermatologist in vivekanand hospital Lucknow and undertook her treatment for 2 months but still I got no relief.

Then she prescribed me a test known as lipid profile test. Next day I got the test report according to which my cholesterol level was high (Total cholesterol-228 and LDL cholesterol-171).

After going through my test report she (dermatologist) reffered me to homeopathy.

Now the question arises that why she prescribed me lipid profile test because this test is all about cholesterol and how cholesterol is related to skin disease and second question is that why she referred me to homeopathy.

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Jul 08, 2020
Cholesterol and dry scalp
by: LiaH

I have the same problem, high cholesterol, hence dry scalp, dry dandruff, hair loss. The problem became obvious when I have moved to dry climate. When I lived in humid weather, I didn't have this problem.

Is there a solution other than lowering cholesterol?

May 27, 2017

by: Dr.Albana


I read your message carefully and I understood your medical problem.

There are some types of hypertriglyceridemia that are associated with skin disorders as well.

This condition can be due to other health conditions as well like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorders, etc. but in your case, the familial or hereditary form is strongly suggestive.

In order to evaluate properly your skin lesions, I would like you to send me photos so I can them. I need clear photos of your lesions as well their locations : are they all over your body or in some parts?

Regarding the excessive dandruff:
- have you changed your hair shampoo recently?
- any new hair product initiated?
- do you use how shower frequently?
- are they present all the time or more apparent after having a hot shower?

I need to have more information about your eating habits, and if you are taking any medication on regular basis.

A copy of the blood reports is required to evaluate the changes myself as I want to exclude other causes too.

A homeopathic doctor will help you with remedies and with proper advice about what lifestyle changes you need to do in order to control this condition as there is no real cure for it in hereditary forms.

You can take drugs as well to lower the blood fat levels like statins for example but their action will be useless if you do not control the disease with lifestyle changes and diet.

Please send me photos if available.

Hope this is helpful.

Thank you.

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