HDL cholesterol is 40.00 mg/dL and LDL cholesterol 115.73 mg/dL and VLDL 21.80 mg/dL



This is regarding my BLOOD REPORT which shows MY HDL cholesterol calculated is 40.00 mg/dL and LDL cholesterol calculated is 115.73 mg/dL and VLDL cholesterol calculated IS 21.80 mg/dL please advise




Your HDL- cholesterol and VLDL- Cholesterol levels are within normal ranges ( normal HDL- cholesterol level is above 40 mg/dl and normal VLDL- cholesterol levels are under 30mg/dl), but your LDL- cholesterol levels are borderline. This means, that your LDL number is above the normal range, but not in the high range yet.

LDL levels between 100 mg/ dl and 159 mg/ dl are considered border-line levels.
To lower your LDL number and keep cholesterol within normal ranges, we suggest you do some lifestyle changes.

Some of the lifestyle changes you should take into consideration are as following:
1. Dietary changes:

a. Choose healthier fats- decrease saturated fats intake to only 7% or less of your daily calories. They increase your total cholesterol and your LDL cholesterol. Choose monounsaturated fats( commonly found in olive, peanut, canola oil etc) instead, they are a healthier option.

b. Eliminate trans fats- trans fats increase your “bad cholesterol (LDL)” and decrease your “good cholesterol (HDL)”. It is found in every fast food production, and in commercial products such as cookies, snacks, crackers etc.

c. Limit your daily cholesterol intake- aim for no more than 300
mg cholesterol per day, and if you suffer from any heart disease, you should not consume more than 200 mg cholesterol a day.

d. Consume whole grains- they have various compounds that promote heart health. Try to consume whole grain pasta, whole grain flour, whole grain breads etc.

e. Consume fiber-rich foods- both, soluble and insoluble types of fibers have health benefits, but soluble fibers commonly found in fruits and vegetables help to decrease LDL levels.

f. Consume Omega-3 fatty acid- Although it does not affect LDL levels, it is very beneficial for heart health because it increases good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers triglycerides.

2. Exercising- Exercising improves your cholesterol levels, it lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol levels. Exercise at least 30 min a day( unless medical problems like cardiovascular disease or any other serious health issue). You might consider: riding a bicycle, swimming laps, walking, playing a favorite sport etc.

3. Quit smoking- if a smoker, quitting smoking is very beneficial. It increases HDL levels, among other health benefits.

4. Loosing weight- if overweight, losing 5-10 % of your body weight lowers your cholesterol numbers

5. Consider some cholesterol-lowering supplements- such as Artichoke extract, Barely, Blond psyllium, Flaxseed, Green tea extract, Oat bran, Niacin etc.

If this lifestyle changes are not enough and your doctor prescribes you meds, take them as prescribed but continue the lifestyle changes.

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