High Cholesterol Because of Alcohol?

by Jerry
(Chicago,Il USA)

QUESTION: I'm a 59 yr old white male, 5'11", 159 lbs, I exercise several days a week, (1hr per week).

I always watch what I eat, very clean eater. non-smoker. My bad habits include beer drinking, (daily) and I had a dependency on pain pills (vicodin) so much so that I now take a drug called Suboxone to help "kick" the habit.

I had a blood wake up recently and all seem fairly normal except cholesterol:

total cholesterol was 269,
56 HDL,
183 LDL

Is the beer drinking causing the 269#? I can't believe it's from food diet.

PS BP is around 130 over 75...

I would appreciate any input.

ANSWER: Hi Jerry,

First, let me tell you that everything comes to a balance in our life, including the "tiniest" particles of our body.

Therefore, once this natural balance is broken, then, every chain related to it is damaged and nothing works as it is naturally done to work.

So, you are a "clean" eater, but a "bad" drinker:)) You are supplying your body with what it needs. This is ok. But, you are also "adding" something that your body does not want or need: Alcohol.

Furthermore, it is your body now recalling your attention: "Hey, I do not need anymore Beer. I am full, my engine is going broken":)

So, do not let your body suffer anymore because of your bad habit. Each person has been made to have a strong willing if he/she wants to do something.

Get all your forces to fight this bad habit and be healthy.

You cannot afford anymore "broken chains" at your age. High blood pressure, prostate problems, fatty liver, etc are some bad and undesirable effects of drinking alcohol.

Gather your strength. Start your fight now! You can do it! Everyone can do it!

All the best!

Will Power
by: Vasudev

The fear that Alcohol may be the reason for high cholestrol disturbs your peace of mind. Tension build up which become a contributing factor. It calls for will power. As rightly said try with out alcohol for one month to confirm before decide about further strategy. Any how nothing is imposiible in this workd

Yes, possibly high cholesterol because of alcohol
by: Anonymous

yes, Jerry, it probably is because of alcohol.

It is a well known fact that alcohol increases cholesterol levels.

What do you do?

You got to either stop taking alcohol for a while or reduce it's intake. Do this for 1 or 2 months and go back to the doctor and do a blood test.

If your blood test shows lower cholesterol numbers then alcohol is the problem. If not ... then your really need to look at other options of reducing high cholesterol, eg exercise, supplements etc.

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