High Cholesterol In Teens

by Stacy

Hi, a month ago my mother took me to the doctor for an annual check up. The doctor took a blood sample to measure my Cholesterol, since my father suffers from it.

Yesterday the tests came back really high. I my self am not overweight, in fact I barely make it to the 50% of my age average. I know that this is hereditary, because I barely eat any meat.

Is there a work out, or a diet I should go on, to help lower my cholesterol? I am very concerned because one of my life goals is to live a long, happy, healthy life.


Tips for cholesterol in teens
by: Anonymous


Me too, same thing!! I was advised to eat oatmeal!
and also this thing called Chia-seeds!

Appareantly it is a cholesterol lowering food!

I have yet to try it, cos I was only told half hour ago!

hope this helps :)

Skinny, over all healthy, but high chol?!
by: Mads

Yeah, I have a similar prob - I'm not a teen (27 actually), but I exercise every day 'cept Sundays, incl jogging and weights, eat meat about once a month, and I'm really skinny/slender, but my cholesterol results just came back quite high too. My dad has heart probs, and high cholesterol too, so that's probably it - anybody with some advice though, as it came as quite a shock!

I'm also teenager with high cholesterol
by: Anonymous

hi stacy.

i know how u feel i just went to go get it too, and its really high. I'm also a teenager i don't know what to do

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