High cholesterol without high cholesterol foods

Im 17 years old with a 195 cholesterol.

I don't understand why. I eat very healthy and rarely eat any fried foods.

I could almost be considered a vegatarian but i eat fish (sushi) and sometimes chicken. I don't understand how I have high cholesterol when i take care of myself so well.

Please tell what the problem might be.
thank you,
worried girl

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Don't worry about it. At 195 it's normal. You're young and your cholesterol level is of no concern. If I were you I would enjoy life without worry.

However you can still find more info about high cholesterol foods to avoid.

Link between thyroid and cholesteral
by: Anonymous

I saw an endrochonolgist who informed me that there is a connection between thyroid and high cholesteral. I have Hashimoto's thyroidits, and experience hypo and hyper thyroid problems. It is apparently common for the cholesteral to be effected at higher levels.

poly cystic ovary syndrome - PCOS
by: Anonymous

For those people out there that have gained a huge amount of weight have prediabetes and have high cholesterol should check with their endocrinologisst(if a female) cause there is a chance you have PCOS.

I have it too

High Cholesterol - no high cholesterol foods
by: Brown

I am 27 and my eating habits are great. I don't go for fats or anything that has cholesterol and just like you I have an LDL which is a little high.

Anyway what I want to tell you is that you should get into an exercise routine maybe three times a week for 30 mins a time. You're 17 and a high cholesterol may also be related to your genes.

Whatever the case just don't worry yourself and most important Do Not Take any medications for your cholesterol at that age. It would make things worse for you.

17 you're OK
by: G

I'm confused as to what the concern is w/a 195 score, unless your LDL HDL ratios are out of whack.

I would focus my attention on enjoying your youth...heck, enjoy a big fat juicy burger once in a while.

I'm 59 yrs old, the more I learn about cholesterol the more I'm thinking it's all a big farce concocted be the drug Companies trying to sell sell sell. Greed is a terrible thing.

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