High Triglycerides and sugar substitutes

by Staci

My husband's triglycerides tested at 556. Report said they couldn't even measure LDL & HDL because they were so high! Dr. prescribed meds, but I would really like to change our diet to help as much as I can.

My biggest problem is that it looks like I need to cut out sugar and use sugar substitute, but he gets an almost immediate headache when any kind of sugar substitute is used...any advice??


Sugar substitute for high triglycerides
by: Cassie

Hi Staci,

My husband has the same problem! I have found that Stevia works well for him. Not the one found in grocery stores designed to look like sugar, but the kind in health food stores that is powdered. It comes with a spoon inside that holds about a pinkie-finger sized amount that tastes like 2 tbs of sugar.

I use NuStevia by NuNaturals. Its about $15 a bottle, but a bottle goes a looooooong way! much cheaper than the grocery store stuff without the headache.

Good luck!

Try Splenda - Sugar Substitute that may help with high triglycerides
by: Nancy

I too get headaches from most all of the 'fake' sugar.

I use Splenda which is cheaper than the other mentioned sugar. This has none of the bad ingredients in it. And it tastes very good.

diet for High Triglycerides
by: Ana

My husband tested 770. I am having a really hard time coming up with a diet/meal plan for him. Any suggestions, please?

Different Sugars
by: Anonymous

Try coconut palm sugar, organic.

Sugar Substitutes
by: Anonymous

Since agave nectar is low glycemic, can it be used as a sugar substitute instead of artificial sweeteners.

Low Carb and increased exercise
by: Anonymous

Triglycerides over 1200. limited carbs to 180 g per day, generally improved diet, increased exercise to 30 minutes daily. After 3 months, triglycerides 155. No medications or other drugs.

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