High Triglycerides, Low HDL and diet

my husband's LDL is 83, not bad at all. His HDL is 17...not good, nearly non-existent. His triglycerides are 327...through the roof.

My question is since is LDL isn't bad can I not obsess over that and let him have some beef along with chicken and fish while I am seriously cutting back his carbohydrates in an attempt to lower his triglycerides?

Or am I looking at this the wrong way. In trying to cut back fats and carbs he is quickly becoming very frustrated at his food choices.

watch out HDL
by: Artin

It seems your husband may have a problem with the low HDL - I believe this may be more serious than the high triglycerides.

Low HDL has been correlated with higher risk of heart disease even if LDL is low.

So your husband need to focus on increasing his HDL.

You can do any of the following:

- use Olive oil as it is a sure way to increase HDL. Must buy the "Extra Virgin" Type

- Test any supplement for lowering triglycerides - they may help to increase HDL as well.

Your approach in reducing carbs and allowing the other types of foods, seems to be OK so you want to try that.

And by the way I believe that you should not just remove all the foods like that and starve somebody of some favourable foods.

A good way is to have "off days" ie no meat days, but when there's "On days" give a normal portion. This is better than having everyday a little bit, since it satisfies our cravings.


Artin Vaqari

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