How can I decrease my cholesterol with a simple plan?

by Sue
(New Zealand)

I would like to Lower My Cholesterol Naturally. I don't smoke and only occasionally have a drink and not over my BMI weight although I don't do much exercise.

My bad Cholesterol reading is 5.4 and should be around 1.8.

Could you please advise on how to lower my cholesterol in a a natural and effective way.

I would appreciate others who could share a simple and effective plan, thanks.

Increase your internal longevity
by: Anonymous

Hi Mum, The easy way to increase health and lower your points is to eat less milk, cheese, meat and here is why.

Our modern diets have increased Heart attacks, Strokes and Cancer. These are the main things we exercise or watch what we eat, we do not want to get deathly sick.

People that work out get sicknesses and this at first was a surprise to me, because there diet was plugging up the arteries, and if they are blocked the end result is heart attacks, strokes and cancer.

If you eat 90% fruit, vegetables, grains and reduce your oils, butter and meat content to about 10% you will reverse and restore your health.

Plants slowly collect disease and out it goes to waste. Reducing the oils, meats stops the arteries from clogging more, and gives your body a chance to restore.

The coolest thing is you do not have to watch calories if you go completely vegan, no meat, because if you eat a variety of food you will receive so many good nutrients that are low in fat.

I lost 60 pounds by changing my diet, and if you listen to the impact you feel when you change any diet you should know whether it feels good for you.

Go do a search for the R.A.V.E. diet possibly u-tube videos, the diet is different at first but many people have cookbooks and ideas on what to prepare. They have photos of veins, arteries before and after showing the difference, it is very possible to improve your life viability.

Good luck, Jim

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