LDL levels dropped by 30 points after eating Avocado

by Jen

Avocado can lower LDL

Avocado can lower LDL


I am 41 yr old female, overweight by 60 lbs. I don't exercise which I know I need to.

Never the less, I have been eating an avocado once every morning for the most part for past couple months and when getting my annual blood work done a couple weeks ago surprisingly, my LDL has dropped 30 points and overall my total number is 194.

I am very excited and do believe what I just read above on how much eating Avocado DOES help.

Just thought I'd share this info in hopes to help someone else who was wondering about this.


Thank you for sharing with us your good experience with Avocado.

It is great that your LDL levels have been dropped by 30 points, however, I need to have a few more information regarding your actual health status:
- apart taking Avocado, are you also taking any herbal supplement or any other particular food?
- are you also taking any medication so far?
- what about other cholesterol numbers (total/HDL cholesterol) or triglycerides levels? Have you noticed any change?

A complete evaluation of what you did will help understand the real role of avocado in bringing your cholesterol into the normal range.

As you are not doing enough exercise, I encourage to start doing some simple physical exercise at the beginning. Then, gradually, you can increase the intensity of the exercises.

Another point to emphasize is that to have more results, you should implement some changes in your diet and diet regimen.

Thank you!

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