Lemons, garlics and water to lower cholesterol

There is a simple recipe of reducing high cholesterol naturally as following:


Garlic Cloves - 30

Whole-Lemons - 5

Water - 1 Liter


Step no.1 - Dice the lemons

Step no.2 - Put the garlic cloves and lemons in the blender

Step no.3 - After finishing blending, add water and bring to boil. When they start to boil, take off heat.

Step no.4 - Strain and store in glass bottle.

PRESCRIPTION: Take 30 ml at night x 3 weeks, 8-day break, take again x 3 weeks. Take annually.

It worked for me:

Pre-fasting cholesterol = 6.6

Non-fasting post remedy cholesterol = 5.3

With no other lifestyle changes.

sounds terrible & unsafe
by: Anonymous

I can not imagine consuming 30 bulbs of garlic, boiled in anything. I would think it would throw your stomach into a fit.

by: Anonymous

Wow! This is nice because I am only taking 1 clove of garlic a day after a meal and it works. This is better I guess and I have to try this

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