Lower cholesterol without zocor.

by Mary
(Colorado Springs, CO)

I am a 56 healthy female, my cholesterol is 318 LDL is 236 & triglyceride is 142.

My doctor just put me on a small dose of zocor since I've been reluctant on taking prescription drugs prior.

In Feb of 2010 the #s were 264 and 155 & triglyceride was 284. I've lost 9 pounds since then and have been eating better (very little meat if any, I've never been a big meat eater, mostly veg and fruits I've cut back drastically on white flour and sugar.

I exercise 3x/wk. I thought I was doing pretty good, so I was surprised to see how much the #s went up.

I take meds for interstitial cystitis (elmiron & sanctura), fibromayalgia (savella)& tenormin1/2 tb of 25mg for palpations from savella), allergies (claratin) and H pylori (nexium).

I am 5'2" and was weighing 142 and am now weighing 133. I take zomig for an occasional migraine. I drink green tea in the morning and throughout the day. I've never been a coffee drinker since it caused my heart to race.I've cut out all sodas since March.

I have all bran for breakfast since I need that everyday even with the veg/fruits that I eat. I had a hysterectomy 8yrs ago am taking premarin every 4 days (trying to get off it).

In June I had a bladder lift/urethra surgery. And a polyp removed from my colon in July. I take ruby reds (vit),COQ10, omega 3s, a probiotic, vit E and a tab of cranberry and pomegranate. I sleep good, just retired and I am trying to improve my overall health.

How do I reduce cholesterol without zocor then?

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