Lowering High Cholesterol - help & suggestions

by Rob
(Akron OH)

I'm only 33 and weight 185 pounds

Mine is over 700 but the docs act like nothing has happened.

M dad had a heart attack - two plugged arteries his was 550 so naturally I'm worried

Any suggestions!?

How I lowered my cholesterol
by: Anonymous

You mentioned you are 185 lbs but don't know what your height is or gender. Your body mass index (bmi) is a better indicator but not totally because if you are a solid rock from working out you will weigh more than if you were less muscle.

These are a couple of things that have helped me.

1) Take medication to immediately lower cholesterol while at the same time

2) change diet (less cholesterol & fat & more live food)

3) lose weight

4) exercise 4-5x weekly and more if time allows

5) take omega 3-6-9 fish oil

6) drink 8 glasses of water daily

7) keep learning more about food and health

Change doctors-health too important
by: Anonymous

My cholesterol is 305. I have had chest pains. I'm now taking nitrostat.

I'm changing my diet and excercising.

Do what you know is best for you. Maybe you should see another dr. Don't play with your health. It's too valuable.

Cholesterol, oatmeal and beans - May Lower cholesterol
by: Anonymous

Eating oatmeal and beans (black beans, kidney beans, garbanzos, etc - not green beans) should help reduce your cholesterol.

My cardiologist recommends a minimum of 45 minutes walking 6 days a week.

by: Anonymous

No reason to worry just eat your veggies and fruit and it will clean you out, sickness is not about weight but about what you put in your body.

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