Lowering High Triglycerides Naturally

by kisanal
(vadodarar , Gujrat , India)

"Thank you for your wonderful & very useful information about cholesterol. Last 2 years my Triglyceride (TG) is varying from TG- 248 to 373.

I have consulted Doctor as per instruction I started taking medicine & morning walking once in while (Not regular). Then doctor told me u may required to take tablets for life time, this high TG may be due to heredity.

In last medical check up my Triglyceride shoot-up to 473. This time I have changed Doctor & decided to just follow all Instruction.

I started searching more information on Net also then I found your site. It is quite interesting & very useful information then
I had hopes I can bring down my TG level.

What Did I do?

I did 45 days course as per Doctor/Dietician advice & Tips from your site.

Here's the plan I took to lower high triglycerides naturally:

1) Morning walk

non-stop 6:30 to 7:20 (40 min) approx. 5 KM. ..average 6 days/week.

2) Breakfast .. includes

- Wheat flakes + Oats Museli + 3 pcs. Almond + 1 pc. Wall Nut mixed with 1 /2 glass warm milk. => 1 Bowl
- Some time take only oats mixed with
Milk + Almond (Boil for few min.)
- 1 or 2 Roti
(some times)
- 1 fruit (Apple / Orange / sweat lime) most
of the time I took apple. average 5 days/week.
- Isabgol 1 tea spoon with warm water.

3) Lunch:

Regular food prepared with less oil (sun-flower) some time with Olive-oil where u need more oil.

4) Evening:

Fruit or Biscuits with high fiber.

5) Dinner:

light food with green salad , some time fish
(Not fried) & eating flax seeds (baked with lemon) while working in office - 2 to 3 tea-spoon daily.

6) As per your advise I stopped all deep fried food.

7) During this period I had little alcohol + chicken (baked/roasted)

Now you may be interested to see what is the end-result?

Now my Triglyceride Levels are .........

- 106 ...Normal should be less than 150.

Now I stopped taking medicine, but I follow my diet & morning walk.

Never give-up hopes & have strong determination/discipline.

Sincerely Yours,

Reply from Artin

This is great News Kisanlal. It is fantastic to see your triglycerides lowered by following your 7 steps.

Keep up the good work.

Best Regards

Artin Vaqari

All About Lowering Cholesterol
PS for those of you who want to know more about lowering high triglycerides, check out Lower Triglycerides Naturally and Lowering Triglycerides Diet

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Jun 28, 2011
lowering triglycerides naturally
by: Randa Gerges

My husband had triglycerides level 560. I read your Triglycerides Lowering Secret Report and followed up all your comments.

After 3 weeks the level returned to normal which is 175.

Avocado, almonds, brown bread... were very helpful
thanks again.


I lowered my Triglycerides naturally ...in 60 days...

by Samjo (Mumbai India)

Two months back when my LIPID profile came it was a shock to me.. triglycerides have shot up to 245.. cholesterol to above 210.. doctor advised me change of lifestyle.. confused I searched the net and found this site..

1. Daily Morning walk...3 km...

2. change of diet...

Lots of Green Vegetables.. limit egg yoke..avoid sweet candies cake etc etc and fish intake once a week...

I followed this rigourosly for last sixty days. Today's blood test showed cholesterol levels at 199 and triglycerides down to 135. Surprise was that i lost 1.5 inch in waist but weight loss was less than 1 kg.

Thank you for amazing reports and tips...

QUESTION: How we know triglyceride level if we get total cholesterol & hdl?


There is a formula for this:

Total Cholesterol = LDL + HDL + (TG / 5)

By using this formula, you can get your TG level:

TG = (Total Cholesterol - LDL - HDL) X 5

Hope it helped!

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