My blood showed LDL 81 HDL 57 triglyceride 140


I have lost 117 ibs in the last year and a half.

My recent blood work showed LDL 81, HDL 57, and triglyceride 140. Six months ago my LDL was 76, HDL 58, and triglyceride 109.

I am very concerened about my triglyceride number increase from 109 to 140 in six months.

How could it have gone up so much, even with a strict diet and the weight loss? What can I do to help lower my triglceride number?


Hello dear Sir,
First thing I need to know is why have you undergone such severe weight loss? It would be best if you would send your prior cholesterol numbers for a more accurate analysis on how they have changed prior and after the weight loss.

Based on the information of your two latest cholesterol-level measurement, I would say that all results are within normal rages.

1. Your LDL-level 76 mg/dl six months ago and 81mg/dl (normal LDL-levels are under 100 mg/dl)
2. Your HDL-levels: 58mg/dl six months ago and 57 mg/dl now(normal HLD levels are above 40 mg/dl)
3. Your Triglycerides: 109 six months ago and 140 now (normal levels are under 150 mg/dl)

But, according to the latest cholesterol-treatment guidelines, normal cholesterol numbers do not necessarily show lack of problems, or diseases.
Other things are to be taken into consideration, such as the change of your numbers in time, the probability of having other diseases, the kind of life you make(sedentary or active life), your genetics etc.

Your LDL and HDL levels have not increased significantly, but an increase of 31mg/dl is to be investigated.

Given the fact that you are having a strict diet and exercising, the reasons of such an increase Triglyceride level might be:

1. Genetic conditions- Inherited hypertriglyceridemia might be one of the possible causes of your condition, especially if your father, brother or other
blood-relatives have high-triglyceride problems.

2. Secondary causes- some diseases like hypothyroidism, liver failure or other liver problems, alcohol intake, kidney problems can cause rise of triglyceride levels.

3. Drugs- Drugs which most commonly increase cholesterol and triglyceride levels are diuretics, beta blockers, steroid hormones, immune-suppressants, steroid hormones etc. If you are on any of these drugs, you have to talk to your doctor to adjust the dosage.

To lower your Triglyceride number, I would suggest you the following lifestyle-changes:

1. Continue your exercising- If you are overweight, despite you weight loss, continue to exercise in order to reach your ideal body-weight. Even when reaching this goal, do not stop exercising. Exercising 30-60 minutes per day would be best. You can also exercise in 10-minute intervals if you find it more comfortable. Some of the physical activities you might want to consider are running, swimming, riding bicycle etc.

2. Lower your sugar intake- Lowering the intake of the sugar up to 10% of your daily calories can reduce your Triglyceride number

3. Eat fiber-rich foods- like vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

4. Decrease the intake of saturated fats (which are found in red meat, butter, cheese, milk, coconut oil, palm oil). Replace trans fats with polyunsaturated fats (found in sunflower, corn and soybean oil) and monounsaturated fats (found in canola and olive oil).

5. Add Omega-3 fatty acid- is very efficient in lowering triglyceride levels. It is found in salmon, herring, sardines, trout, and tuna. You can either take it in the form of capsules or as liquid.

6. Limit alcohol- the intake of alcohol might increase your triglyceride levels.

7. Some supplements like garlic, green tea and turmeric are effective in lowering

triglycerides. Garlic can lower your triglycerides from 8-27% and green tea can lower it up to 20.

Continuous blood-tests to follow your cholesterol and triglyceride levels are necessary.

Dr Albana

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