My cholesterol level is 266 triglycerides are 141 HDL is 47 and LDL is 191

by John Roberts
(Bethesda, MD)

I just got my lab work back. My cholesterol level is 266; triglycerides are 141; HDL is 47 and LDL is 191. My doctor wants to put me on Lipitor (20mg/day).

I shouldn't be surprised. I eat a bowl of ice cream every morning. In 2001 I went over the handlebars of my bike and have chronic pain -- in fact, I had to take an early retirement (on disability).

I guess the endorphins caused by eating bad foods finally caught up with me, but rather than take Lipitor, I can just alter the foods I eat.

Frankly, death would not be unwelcome, but I don't want to stroke out and end up paralyzed or have any other similar complications. I figure if I just stop eating the ice cream (I'm not fat at all), that I can just start eating right and my cholesterol should go back to acceptable levels.

I'm also deficient in Vitamin D, and my doctor wants me to take a prescription D2 supplement. After doing some reading, I think I'd prefer taking 1,000 IE of Vitamin D3 (GNC) a day.

No one mentioned aspirin, but there's some controversy on that as well.

Bottom line: Can I beat the cholesterol by just diet alone? Or, better, can I take the Lipitor and keep eating my ice cream? That would be great.

Hi Jon


As we can see from your lipid profile numbers, your total cholesterol level, and LDL level are high(normal cholesterol ranges are under 200mg/dl and under 100mg/dl for LDL), whereas your HDL and triglyceride levels are within the normal ranges.

High levels of cholesterol and LDL seriously increase the possibility of developing life-threatening diseases such as heart attacks or stroke.

To lower your cholesterol levels down to the normal range we suggest you some lifestyle changes. They will help you reduce your cholesterol and will keep you off cholesterol-lowering drugs.

The lifestyle changes you need to do are as following:


Diet modification is one of the most important measurements that need to be done when attempting to naturally
lower cholesterol levels.

The first thing you need do to is to cut out the ice-cream. Eating a bowl of ice-cream every day is a bad habit you have slipped into and it certainly is not caused by the increased levels of endorphins after your bike accident.

Some other diet modifications are:

1. Choose healthier fats- saturated fats increase your levels of cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. They are commonly found in red meat and dairy products. Consume monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats instead which are found in olive and canola oil.

2. Avoid trans fats- eliminate the intake of trans fats which are found in fried foods, snacks, crackers, cookies, commercial products etc. They increase levels of cholesterol and LDL and decrease the level of HDL which is also known as the “good cholesterol”

3. Limit your daily cholesterol- limit your daily cholesterol intake up to 300mg. Some foods rich in cholesterol are egg yolks, milk products, organ meats.

4. Eat fiber-rich foods- fiber rich foods are very good for your health. They help in lowering cholesterol levels as well as promoting heart heath. Products rich in fiber are vegetables, fruits, and whole grain products.

5. Consider consuming cholesterol-lowering supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids, Artichoke extract, Barely, Blond psyllium, Flaxseed, Oat bran etc.


Regular exercise improves your cholesterol levels. You can exercise 30-60 minutes every day. Consider riding a bicycle to work, taking a brisk daily walk, swimming laps, playing a favorite sport.

Exercising in 10-minute intervals 3-6 times a day is also beneficial.

Consider also taking the stairs instead of the elevator, making some sit-ups and sit-downs while watching TV etc.


Quitting smoking is necessary. Among other numerous bad effects on the health, smoking also increases cholesterol and LDL levels.

If these lifestyle changes do not lower your cholesterol levels down to the normal range, then you should start taking the drug your doctor prescribed you.

But, continue these lifestyle changes, they will enhance the effect of the drug.

In the end, I must enhance that cutting out the ice-cream is necessary.

Dr Albana

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Nov 13, 2018
How can I improve my numbers if its hereditary? NEW
by: Anonymous

My lab work showed the following:
Tri 143
LDL 191
HDL 46
Total 266

I'm a healthy eater. I'm not overweight. I don't smoke or drink alcohol. I may have hereditary high cholesterol. My brother and sister have high cholesterol too. My doctor wants me to take a statin but I do not want meds. Can a strict plant based diet, increase in exercise and a plan to reduce stress work for someone with my numbers?

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