My Triclyceride level is 650 mg/dl

Out of the blue my Triclyceride level is 650. Other than 4000 MG of fish oil, eating fish, and not eating ?sugar what should I do to get this level down.



I read your message and understood your medical problem.

Your triglyceride(TG) level 650 is very high. Numbers over 500 are considered as very high.

Omega-3 acid (fish oil, eating fish) and avoiding sugar is quite far to be enough to have resulted in lowering the levels of triglycerides.

If you really want to get the level of TG down you need to treat yourself in a comprehensive way.

The first step to reducing the TG is to identify the cause the treat it or keep it under control.

Obesity, drinking alcohol and taking more calories especially carbs than you need are the most important facts to know when you decide to treat the hypertriglyceridemia and you must avoid them.

Try to loose weight and be careful what you eat and drink. Also, it is important to keep exercising regularly.

Certain diseases such as diabetes (if uncontrolled raises the TG levels), hypothyroidism and kidney disease lead to high levels of TG.

Treating these diseases and keeping them under control will avoid the elevation of the TG.

Some medications such as steroids, beta-blockers, diuretics, tamoxifen, estrogen and birth control pills raise the levels of TG in blood.

There are cases where high TG are inherited and no other cause or co-existing disease is present.

If there is no benefit seen with the lifestyle changes and the TG levels keep staying high then you need to take medication as well.
Statins, fibrates and niacin are added to the therapy despite the use of fish oil supplements. Consult with your doctor for the best combination of drugs.

Do not take them on your own as this may lead to dangerous situations like rhabdomyolysis and kidney failure due to the combination of fibrates and statins.

Before taking the medications you will need to do some tests to see how certain organs function(kidney, liver, pancreas).

For a more detailed information about how to lower the TG levels naturally and more, you can consult in the link below.

Hope this is helpful for you.

Thank you.

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