Niacin and Red yeast rice to lower cholesterol

by Hessa Rader

I am a 68 year old female. My cholesterol numbers are about 175.

One doctor said I should use Red yeast Rice to lower my cholesterol which I have been using. I no longer use that doctor since he passed away.

My new doctor said to take controlled release niacin to lower my cholesterol. He knew that I was taking the Red Yeast Rice but did not say to stop it.

Which would you recommend, or should I be taking both?

thank you

Comments about Niacin and Red yeast rice to lower cholesterol

Hard to say. What's important however is that red yeast rice lowers cholesterol. At the same time if you're taking Red Yeast Rice the problem be careful since at high dosages it causes minor statin-like side effects. That’s why you don’t use it by itself. By combining it with other ingredients, LESS is needed and yet, the same “cholesterol lowering” effects are achieved.

Usually it should be a 2.5% extract not more.

The founder of, Artin used a specific supplement CholesLo - that contains red yeast rice at 2.5% with other ingredients that lower cholesterol eg policosanol, garlic, guggul. Results were 58 points decrease (23%) in cholesterol in 2 months.

All in all whenever you use something notice what you body says. If you feel awkward, tired etc then you may not want to continue with the same thing.

Another alternative is to check regularly your cholesterol levels and see what are the levels. If levels are within normal range, then stop taking one and continue with another and test again in 2 or 3 months. If cholesterol is still low, then just continue with the supplement you are using. If higher you may want to go back to the previous supplement.

Finally, what is not clear is whether you niacin is supplement form or drug. There's a difference since niacin in high dosages will give you flushes

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