What Are Normal & High Triglyceride Levels

Normal triglyceride levels of 150 to 200 mg/dl, (as advocated by American Heart Association), are high, not normal. It leads to heart disease & stroke. Find out why?

Recent studies show that values considered normal for triglyceride levels (150 to 200) may not be safe (1). In this article you will find out about what are these supposedly normal levels and the study that shows otherwise.

Below you will also find out the NEW table of normal triglyceride levels. Finally, how you can lower your triglycerides levels and I also reveal how I lowered my triglycerides naturally.

Risks of High Triglyceride Levels

For simplification triglycerides are simply fats (or lipids). Studies have shown that high triglyceride levels are a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.(2) American Heart Association states as late as 6 Sep 2011, that a triglycerides normal level is below 150 mg/dl.(3) But this is not so.

What Really Are Safe & Normal Triglyceride Levels?

A recent study (1) shows that people with even normal triglyceride levels (as per American Heart Association guideliness), are at risk of heart disease. The research found that people with triglyceride at or above 100 mg/dL were 50 percent more likely to suffer from heart attack than those with lower levels.

This means, we might need to revise the normal triglycerides ranges being followed today.

Today, if you are having triglycerides below 150 -200 mg/dL you are considered normal. Dr Michael Miller, director of Preventive Cardiology at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore said:

“This study is first of its nature to look at such low levels of triglycerides. It turned out to be an important predictor of future heart disease. It should prompt review of national guidelines regarding triglycerides” he further added.

This study points to a very important fact that normal range of triglyceride less than or equal to 150 mg/dL may need to be readjusted. It shows that 100 rather than 150 mg/dL triglyceride level is an optimum dividing line between those at high risk and those who were not.

Below you have the NEW table that shows the real & latest, normal & high triglyceride levels:

treglycerides levels

What Causes High Triglyceride Levels?

Risk factors & causes for high triglyceride levels are:

- obesity,
- inactive life-style,
- advanced age,
- having concurrent diseases like diabetes, and
- family history of high lipids.

If you presently have any of these conditions you need to have a lipid blood test for your triglyceride levels.

Lowering High Triglyceride Levels to Normal

There is no single magic bullet drug to maintain normal triglycerides, rather a combination of regular exercise, avoiding obesity, losing weight, eating a healthy triglycerides diet is required.

To actually find out various ways to lower triglycerides get for free the most downloaded triglycerides report on the web: Triglycerides Lowering Secrets.(Clicking on this link will not interrupt your reading as it will open in a new tab.)

A good triglycerides diet apart from others, should include fresh water fish, such as herring, salmon, mackerel, sardines, and tuna.

A safe way to lower triglycerides is with proven and effective supplements. For example Omega 3 fatty acids, Nicotin (vit B3), Vitamin C help lower triglycerides.

How I Lowered my Triglycerides Naturally

used a proven supplement called Choleslo. Apart from lowering my total cholesterol and LDL/Bad cholesterol, it lowered my triglycerides naturally as well.

I can speculate as to what actually worked in this supplement, but I will not. While Choleslo is a proprietary supplement containing various ingredients that help lower cholesterol and triglycerides safely, for me the most important are the results.

I got lower triglycerides without any side effects.

All the Best

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