Perimenopause flunctuating blood pressure&cholesterol 6.2

by Shantha Naidoo
(South Africa)


49 years old fluctuating blood pressure and total cholesterol 6.2

Perimenopausal and low energies, panic attacks, need help.

ANSWER: Hi Shantha,

I have gone through your medical history carefully and understood your concerns.

Your total cholesterol 6.2 is not considere a high number. Total cholesterol 5-6.2 is considered borderline and not dangerous. It depends on how you are feeding yourself as well. This means that you can lower it by keeping a healthy diet with less fatty foods included.

The blood pressure which is not stable (fluctuating) is something that needs further evaluation. You must see your doctor and discover the cause. You may have hypertension for which you didn't know before because most of the time hypertension has no symptoms.

You are a perimenopausal woman. This is the time when health troubles appear due to hormonal imbalance and emotional changes are present. Women become more sensitive during the perimenopausal or menopausal period and are emotionally unstable.

These are a kind of stress in a woman's body and mind and may interfere the blood pressure as well. Strong emotions may suddenly raise the blood pressure. Even when you are just sad or angry this can happen too.

Panic attacks can be also associated with the hormonal imbalance that you are facing with. First thing to do, is to eliminate the stress triggers and spend time in nature and with friends that you feel most comfortable with and motivate you.

You can start gardening or a new activity you like that will help you forget about stress.

My advice is to reduce the caffeine intake and other triggers that may affect your blood pressure.

Certain foods, drinks, and medication may change the blood pressure levels up and down in a short time.

Stress levels can be the main cause. You must be aware as well to any allergies or heart troubles that need to be discovered.

You must contact your GP who will evaluate your blood pressure. Your doctor will see if there is any heart trouble or it is just hormones.

If it is just because of the premenstrual syndrome treatment will be based on hormonal therapy and controlling the symptoms.

Perimenopausal syndrome usually last 4 years so the ability to be patient and handle with it is necessary.

Hope this is helpful. Let me know if you have further queries.


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