Sclerotic aortic valve

by angela
(glen cove new york)


Is high triglycerides a cause for this problem (sclerotic aortic valve)?

ANSWER: Hi back,

Sclerotic aortic valve is thickening and calcification of one or more leaflets of a tricuspid aortic valve.

There are many causes including:

- congenital heart disease
- kidney disease
- or other co-morbidities: dyslipidemia, inflammation,etc.).

In other words, the normal structure of aortic valve is already being altered.

The high triglycerides levels will facilitate the deposition of fat on the aortic valve speeding the calcification process.

That will cause narrowing of the valve (stenosis) leading to cardio-vascular disease (CVD).

The higher the triglycerides levels (TL) will be, the greater the risk for stenosis and CVD.

That's why it is highly recommended to reduce the TL through diet, lifestyle changes and herbal supplementation.

All the best!

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