suffering from high triglycerides

by suresh kumar patnaik
(India, Orissa)

I have been suffering from high triglycerides content of 870 and LDL cholesterol is 290 with high BP of 130-140/90 having 30 years.

Doctor has prescribed Omega3 capsules and Atovastatin 10mg tablets. He said high concentration of cholesterol should be taken proper care.

Any other ideas?

triglycerides Pending
by: Triglycerides

My triglycerides are really high, they 821 . Wow Doc said o have to drop 40 pounds. Any advise.

Reduce high triglycerides
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem. My doctor has taken me completely off starches ... no potatoes, rice, white bread.

Eat high fiber foods and continue to watch cholesterol. My trigs have dropped to 97!!

Reduce High Triglycerides with foods
by: sma

To reduce triglycerides, stop eating meat and use vegetables & juice (Vitamin C).

Spread lemon over your food or drink lemon and orange juice everyday for a month. Then test your high triglycerides and you will find difference. DIET IS BETTER THAN MEDICINES.

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