Taking 4 Times Recommended Fish Oil Supplements Amount

by Mrs.Amy McClean
(Abilene ,Tx,U.s.)

QUESTION: I had a Berkley Lab test done to check my lipids.It came back showing my Triglycerides where still above the red flag stage and that my cholesterol levels where alarmingly elevated.

I have a family history of heart attack,stroke,high blood pressure.However,even in some family memebers perfect health for years they still have uncontrolled High Cholesterol.

I was put on a Statin,I have also been strangely loosing weight ,I am a mom of 4 but do not exercise.I take the fish oil 4 times recommended amount as I am scared to eat fish now due to oil incident back in the summer.

Taking fish oil alone before the statin with just a triglyceride in place did not lower my cholesterol. But did not raise it either.

What kind of fish oil or supplements is better?Or are they basically all the same?


The battle against high cholesterol and high triglycerides includes TLC (therapeutic lifestyle changes), a correct diet strategy & using specific herbs with lowering cholesterol properties.

When the above-mentioned strategies fail, then, your doctor will evaluate your current health condition before putting into a drug treatment.

Fish oil supplements are another good choices for lipid problems. They contain the highly-concentrated good fatty acids,

- omega-3s: DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid); EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid); DPA (Docosapentaenoic acid);

- omega-6 and omega-9 acids.

These acids are extracted from fish as fish is their natural "habitat" (if we can call it this way).

Therefore, if you increase the intake of fish in your menu, you would have greater chances to get omega-3s.

You are telling you had incident with fish oil in the summer. The most common problem persons face is allergy to fish. So, if you had this allergy problem, it is good you do not eat fish, but choose to take fish oil supplement.

I would advise not to increase the intake of fish oil supplement by your own to avoid undesirably side effects.

I would also advise to consume the foods that can lower or at least keep you far away from high cholesterol. Nuts are also rich in omega-3s and a good substitute for fish.

In addition, you should have more physical activity. Start with slow and short walking inside the house (at least 10 minutes/day). Then, you can add more distance and time of walking gradually.

At the end, do not rely only on fish oil supplement. If you follow the above mentioned advice, you can have the success for sure.

All the best!

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