Triglycerides 296,VLDL 59 after having Honey Nut Cheerios,coffee with Hazelnut, sweet Tea

by John


I had blood work done and my Triglycerides was 296 and my VLDL Cholesterol was 59 BUT i was not expecting to have my blood tested when I went to the doctor.

That morning I had honey nut cheerios and coffee with hazelnut and sweet tea, could this be the reason it was high that morning?

Please respond and please tell me how i can i lower these levels

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May 27, 2017

by: Dr.Albana


I read your message carefully and understood your medical problem.

Your triglycerides (TG) levels and VLDL are considered high. TG over 200 mg/dL is considered higher than borderline.

You are right, a diet that is rich in fat is supposed to increase the TG and VLDL to borderline range in a normal person. In other words, they can reach levels ranging 150-199mg/dL but not more than that.

VLDL levels over 30 mg/dL means they are high. When TG are high it is expected that VLDL will be high too because VLDL contain mostly TG.

You have just been diagnosed with hypertriglyceridemia and you need to take action to control this condition.

I would prefer that you send me a photo of the lab paper so I could see the complete lipid profile in order to give a proper opinion.

Alcohol contributes more than food in increasing the TG levels so if you have drunk the night before it may have interfered the test. Anyway, your TG levels are too high to indicate an outside cause.

You need to start implementing some lifestyle changes about eating and physical activity. Being active with regular exercise, long walks, some sport etc. will help you reduce weight and control your blood TG as well. It is very important to reduce weight if you are overweight.

Diet consists in reducing the intake of bad fats with food such as saturated fats found in meat, butter, dairy, fast foods and junk foods.

The best thing is to eliminate them completely as well as alcohol. Sugars do harm to our bodies. They accumulate in our bodies in the form of fats and increase the blood TG.

Avoid all types of sugar but never forget to add carbs to your diet especially fibers.

This means you must follow a Mediterranean diet based on grains, fruits, vegetables, fish and vegetable oils and olives.

Most of the people control their TG levels by diet and nearly all of them are able to reduce the fat levels in the blood by diet and regular exercise.

To be more sure about the result, I advise you to repeat the test following the instructions the doctor will give you.

You may have other health conditions or you have been taking drugs recently which may contribute to artificially increasing the blood TG levels.

Hope this is helpful for you.

Thank you.

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