triglycerides and birth control pills

I have read that Birth Control pills can cause triglyceride higher levels.

Is there any truth to this?

It doesn't make sense as I am 120, 19% body fat, work out 6 days a week, distance runner and do weight bearing plus isometric exercises.

Cholesterol has been found in my grandmothers but neither one has exercised, one never and they eat crummy. I eat and follow a clean diet so I'm stumped.

I do need to add more veggies. Thoughts?

Same on triglycerides and birth control pills
by: Anonymous

When i was first tested my cholesterol was 176, my triglycerides was 514 and good cholesterol was unable tobe calculated due to elevated cholesterol.

I lost 10 pounds and eating right and got it down my trigs down to 388, I thought I had been exercising and eating right but just had test done again and now its 197cholesterol, trigs 552 and unable to calculate other due to elevated cholesterol.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just began taking birth control a month and half ago to help with menstrual cycle but wandering if that y the test went so high too.

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