triglycerides and butter vs. margarine

One diet suggests using butter rather than margarine (transfats).

Which is true?

Olive Oil Spread Pending
by: Diann

i've never heard of olive oil spread. does anyone have a name or names or???? are the ingredients such that they are suitable for vegans. i live in the east bat (richmond, california).

Triglycerides, butter and margarine - no transfats
by: Artin

This is a great question.

I've had the experience of buying 'healthy' margarine where it was stated "cholesterol free", so it would not increase my triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

This was until the time when I did not know about transfats.

So one day I was looking at the label and noticed that this 'healthy' margarine had 2.7 grams of transfats for every 100 grams - and did I mention that its taste was great - almost like butter.

Then I went on to check on the butter. To my surprise few of them had transfats (they're not supposed to have any transfats since butter is supposed to be completely natural). However other butters did not but their saturated fat content was pretty high.

So I took the whole dairy row in my hands and checked all the brands one by one. I had 1 or 2 employees of the supermarket having some strange looks at me since I was picking up and putting down all butters and margarines and fat spreads one after another - for about 1 hour.

After this long hour I settled on an Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fat Spread. It had less saturated fat plus extra virgin oil helps to increase good cholesterol. It had only 0.3 grams of transfat for 100 grams - I think negligible amount when eating it.

so right now I use this type of fat spread and I also use butter.

In conclusion, I can say avoid transfats - they are all unnecessary for human consumption. While saturated fats are not good either at least they are natural and fit for human consumption. You may need to cut off the saturated fats in other foods such as red meats etc.



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