triglycerides-207.20,LDL cholesterol-65.26,VLDL cholesterol-41.44

by swati awasthi

triglycerides-207.20,LDL cholesterol-65.26,VLDL cholesterol-41.44

please advise me

Hello Swati,

I read your message carefully and understood your medical issue.

You have a slightly high level of triglycerides. Also, high levels of VLDL and cholesterol.

Your blood has a high content of lipids which predisposes you to a high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

I would like to know further information about your health. If you can mention any disease you may have and the medications you may take it would be good.

Make sure to keep under control all the health conditions you may have. Ask for medical assistant anytime you see health complications and see a doctor often to re-evaluate your health problems.

You may need to do check-ups for diabetes, hypertension,and other cardiovascular diseases.

If you or obese or overweight try to lose weight as much as you can. Losing weight is very important to reduce your blood lipids.

Also, take care of your diet. Avoid fatty foods especially those containing too much cholesterol like eggs and meat.

Tend to add to your diet green vegetables, fish and fruits.

Reduce the sugar intake. Avoid candies, sweet dishes and carbs.Do not drink soda either alcohol.

Your doctor may give you drugs for lowering the lipids in your blood, as well as other drugs to take control of other diseases you may have. Make sure to follow the treatment according to the doctor's advice.

Schedule your day in order to have enough time to exercise every day. Try to stay fit and less stressed.

I hope this was helpful for you.

For further information, you can read the articles on our site about how to naturally lower blood lipids.

All the best,

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