Vegetarian diet and cholesterol

by James Slack

I believe in vegetarian diet and cholesterol lowering and even though I do not have any health problems my body cannot fix of itself, because I found the true cure for all health problems, my bodies immune system.

Margarine, meat etc for example, are the leading causes of blocked arteries resulting in strokes, heart attacks and cancer.

So if you want proof look at the book "The Chinese Study"

Respected nutrition and health researcher, Dr. T. Colin Campbell reveals the truth behind special interest groups, government entities and scientists that have taken Americans down a deadly path. Even today, as the low-carb craze sweeps the nation, two-thirds of adults are still obese...

Here is another simple way of proving what causes these diseases: Why is there no strokes, heart attacks or cancer in all the countries that eat no meat?

Good luck, Eat with no regrets!

Vegetarian Diet and cholesterol
by: Anna

Hello. I have been a vegetarian for at least 13 years.

I just found out that I have high cholesterol. Any suggestions? I have 3 months to lost 10 pounds, eat right and lower my cholesterol and blood pressure.

I was a soda drinker and when I didn't drink soda I drank tea. I also have a severe vitamin D deficiency.

vegetarian diet and cholesterol - great details
by: Artin


These is great information and resources.

Fully agree with Dr. John McDougall that diet is the cause of diseases.

Adding to that I would say:

Actually it's the lifestyle we lead including smoking, drinking, exercising, stress etc.

Anybody else volunteering their opinion!? This is getting really interesting.

vegetarian diet and cholesterol - An educated view
by: Anonymous

Read the following studies. Please check out these references.

1 The China study, one of the most talked about health and nutrition books

The China Study,
Gives critical, life-saving nutritional information for every health-seeker in America.

But, it is much more; Dr. Campbell's exposé of the research and medical establishment makes this book a fascinating read and one that could change the future for all of us.

2 Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.
Retired internationally known surgeon. Conducted a 18 year clinical study with patients, no one died from a heart attack who followed the guidelines.

With this eating plan, sufferers of heart disease will maintain cholesterol levels low enough to ensure that they will never have a heart attack.

3 Dr. John McDougall

Diet, not genes, controls destiny

A revelation: Your health is not determined by heredity

Fat and cholesterol: Primary poisons

Plant foods provide the nutritional building blocks to optimum health.

He has a 20 year history of patients that have reversed Heart Attacks, Stroke and Cancer!!

The Rave Diet & Lifestyle
The RAVE Diet & Lifestyle As featured on PBS,
Air America, Pacifica Radio and many more! ... Rave Diet. The best health insurance money can't buy.

Mike Anderson's Rave Diet is one that can save your life. It's plant based and delicious. Eating this simple way has been shown to reverse diseases ...

Love you all,

vegetarian diet and cholesterol - is it the only way to lower cholesterol?
by: All About Lowering Cholesterol

Hi James,

Being vegetarian is a life choice and it is great.

There are many ways to lower cholesterol apart from being vegetarian.

You are very enthusiastic about being vegetarian. However so are people who follow atkins diet. They all swear that by following a diet high in fat and protein they have lost weight and lowered cholesterol.

The whole point I believe is that of 'balance'. In all things there must be a balance so it is with diet.

Finally, there is no study or proof that shows that countries that are vegetarian do not have stroke, heart disease etc, as you claim. And by the way which country has declared itself vegetarian!?

By all means continue your vegetarian diet, and at the same time be more objective with your comments.

Best Regards


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