Why is my cholesterol level high?

by Elizabeth Whaley
(Colorado Springs,CO)


Well, I always took good care of my body and always exercise and eat vegetable, fruits, oats in my meals, I don't eat red meat I love colored green and using dairy milk in my diet.

Was like lower calories and I got it the doctors office results from my blood tests that I should consider the options that I need to do all that I have been doing all my life.

How is that ?

Thanks Lizzy

ANSWER: Hi Lizzy,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

With regards to hight cholesterol levels you are having, I want to clarify a few things below:

1. There are two main sources of cholesterol in our body:
a. internal production from your liver
b. external intake from the foods you consume on daily basis

2. You are saying to be very careful with what you eat. This will reduce the amount of cholesterol sourced externally.

And this is a great achievement.

Adding more physical activity to your lifestyle will also help improve your overall health, and your cholesterol count too.

3. Although you are trying your best to reduce your high cholesterol levels naturally, you are still experiencing high count.

In order to reduce the internal production of cholesterol, statins are recommended along with natural steps to lower cholesterol.

Altogether these steps will help improve cholesterol numbers. However, you need time to see improvement.

4. Next, other co-morbidities (diseases) or medications you might be using on daily basis can also affect your cholesterol level.

You can write me back mentioning if you suffer of any other chronic illness or if you are taking any other drug regularly.

Thank you!

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