Will going gluten free lower triglyceride levels?

by Kathy


I am familiar with gluten free eating but now better half needs to lower triglyceride levels so I was wondering if he could just eat gluten free with me?

Also, he has always been a big bread eater so is the 40 calorie wheat bread ok? Geeze I hate all this new learning again, I'm still learning gluten free.

ANSWER: Hi Kathy,

It is proven in some clinics that gluten is a common cause for raising the triglyceride levels. This means that going gluten free helps you reduce your triglyceride levels.

But we need to take under consideration the fact that each person has a different metabolic rate and responds differently to gluten free diet.

Some people lose weight and normalize their blood fat levels within 6 months being on gluten free diet but for other people, it happens the opposite.

If your friend is sensitive to gluten he needs for sure go gluten free. If he just needs to lower his triglycerides he can try a special diet for that purpose.

And of course, he can eat gluten free with you and see the results because as I said some people react positively to gluten free diet by lowering their triglyceride blood levels. So there is nothing to lose.

He can eat bread if he is not gluten sensitive and 40 calorie wheat bread has nothing wrong not to be eaten. He can eat bread but he must not take heavy calories.

Another important issue to mention is how much high is his triglyceride level in blood. If mild maybe medications are needed. This will be prescribed by a doctor after evaluating the general health of your friend and maybe after some tests.

Also, he can use some tricks to lower naturally his triglycerides. Alcohol raises the triglyceride levels so your friend must eliminate its consumption.

Exercising regularly and eating whole grains helps. So bread, rice, and cereal are good to take.

Simple sugars found in soda, coke, cakes, candies etc. must be avoided.

Omega-3 supplements can be beneficial and he can take it once daily and see the results.

At the end, I would like to mention that he has nothing to lose if he tries gluten free diet with you as it can help him with his triglycerides levels.

Gluten free diet is one option of diets that may lower the triglycerides but not the only.

I hope this will be of help.


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