Zocor Side Effects & Safe Alternatives to Lower cholesterol

Zocor Side Effects

Zocor side effects while affecting only about 2 percent of its users are devastating.

Further, the longer you use zocor the higher are the chances that you will suffer from its side effects. Within this page you will find what side effects zocor has caused to patients who suffered from such effects. Plus you will find all the various side effects that are caused from zocor.

Before explaining the main side effects from zocor, this is what a zocor user had to say about zocor medication side effects.

"My name is Janet Heath, married and will be 49 in April. I had a wonderful life but it has seen to end with Zocor. Zocor has become a nightmare for me. I started Zocor in Sept or October 2002 and been sick ever since. My muscles ache all the time and my arms go to sleep at night also have calf cramps. I had really bad itching and my doctor told me to take Benadryl, which did help with the itching. 

In addition I have all the following, headaches, hot & cold flashes, dizziness, blurred vision and memory problems. My left arm is very weak. I have extreme fatigue. When I tell my doctor all of this, He did a blood test and told me that it wasn't related to Zocor and I know it is. 

I have been a very active lady all my life. I haven't been able to do anything with my grandchildren since being on this medicine. My doctor refuses to change my medication. So I quit taking it 2 days ago. I cannot even do normal household chores. Is there any answers or relief to this nightmare?"

The two main zocor side effects are Rhabdomyolysis and Myopathy.

Zocor Side Effect 1 - Rhabdomyolysis

Rhabdomyolysis is a serious disorder that causes kidney damage resulting from toxic effects of the contents of muscle cells. Myoglobin is an iron-containing pigment found in the skeletal muscle. When the skeletal muscle is damaged, the myoglobin is released into the bloodstream. It is filtered out of the bloodstream by the kidneys. Myoglobin may obstruct the structures of the kidney, causing damage such as acute tubular necrosis or kidney failure. Myoglobin breaks down into potentially toxic compounds, which will also cause kidney failure.

Additionally, Necrotic (dead tissue) skeletal muscle may cause massive fluid shifts from the bloodstream into the muscle, reducing the relative fluid volume of the body and leading to shock and reduced blood flow to the kidneys.

If you have taken Zocor and have experienced any of the following zocor side effects, you should contact your Doctor immediately.

- Abnormal urine color (dark, red, or cola colored)
- Muscle tenderness weakness of the affected muscle(s)
- Generalized weakness 
- Muscle stiffness or aching (myalgia)

Zocor Side Effect 2 - Myopathy

Myopathy is defined as any abnormal condition or disease of the muscle tissues, commonly involving skeletal tissue. Drug-induced myopathy usually develops insidiously.

The onset of clinical manifestations of zocor side effects can occur from days to months after exposure to Zocor. Commonly, patients complain about progressive, generalized muscle weakness, muscle pain (myalgia), or fatigue. Typically, muscle weakness of the arms and legs is the most common and obvious symptom.

Early recognition and diagnosis of Zocor induced Mypoathy is essential. If you suspect of suffering from Myopathy you need to stop taking Zocor immediately or have a doctor reduce the dosage immediately. If Myopathy diagnosis is not quickly made the risk of greater disability and complications, such as rhabdomyolysis and myoglobinuric renal failure greatly increases. Risk factors associated with drug-induced myopathy include liver and renal failure and enzyme inhibition.

Just before we go to alternatives of zocor medication as well as side effects from zocor, here is another testimony from a 20 years young person who's experienced zocor effects:

"... I am a 20 year old girl, and was put on zocor 3 years ago. At the time I was 5'6" and weighed 100 pounds, and unbelievably my cholesterol level was over 350. I had no fat or meat in my diet, so the only thing I could do was go on medication.

I have had a fever for the past 3 months now and the exact same symptoms as you described. I actually had gotten these symptoms 3 years ago when I was on Celexa, so I knew it was drug-related.

I stopped taking all of my medications except for the zocor a month ago, and the symptoms have not cleared.

I finally started searching online for the side effects of zocor yesterday. I wish I had done so sooner, but I just stopped taking the zocor yesterday. I feel extremely weak right now and have many hot and cold flashes. ..."

Alternatives to Zocor and its side effects!?

While it is imperative to lower your cholesterol levels, remember that zocor and other cholesterol lowering drugs are not your only solutions to lowering your cholesterol levels.

Sometimes even a simple change of diet and exercising regularly may help lower your cholesterol levels. However you may look at other alternatives, which are proven to lower cholesterol and most importantly without the side effects from zocor.

Click here to learn how to lower your cholesterol with a safe alternative by as much as 31% without any side effects .

One of the most successful substances that lowers cholesterol is policosanol, which is a safe and natural extract from sugar cane wax. It works by helping the liver control its production and breakdown of cholesterol.

Clinical studies show that policosanol is as effective as prescription drugs in lowering cholesterol, but without their dangerous side effects, much less zocor side effects.

For example, see the table below which compares Policosanol with Mevacor and Pravachol (cholesterol lowering drugs similar to zocor):

Click here to learn more about policosanol, how it can lower your cholesterol, and how to get your own clinically proven policosanol supplement to lower cholesterol without zocor side effects.

Other Zocor Side Effects 

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How Zocor Helps Alzheimers Patients?
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