zocor, sudden fever and chills

by Leigh Pickell
(Leonardtown, MD)

Approximately every 3 or 4 months I get chills and fever with nausea and weakness. I also have had fainting spells with these symptoms.

On one occasion I have fallen and broken 6 ribs. I have had all kinds of tests, cat scans, mri's, blood work, sonograms and nothing shows up.

I am always tired and exhausted and fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I have even fallen asleep on the wheel of the car. Luckily my wife screamed and woke me up.

Do you think that my Zocor is causing any of these symptoms?

Similar Symptoms
by: Anonymous

I have the same symptoms, although I've never fallen asleep at the wheel. Started last summer in August, lasted 5 days. Cleared up and then happened again on Labor Day weekend. Went to hospital.

Wound up going to Urologist, Gastrointestinal specialist and Cardiologist. Stopped taking the Zocor (was taking generic). It happened again at Halloween and lasted 3 days.

Stayed off the Zocor until Feb 1. Everything was fine until mid-March. It's happening again. I hope someone can figure this out.

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